Administration Staff -- Soho Group -- Kawasan Industri Pulogadung

We are one of Indonesian Fast Growing Pharmaceutical Company, in national scale. We are consisting of Manufactur, Distributor, Drugstore, and Multi Level Marketing Company. Located in East Jakarta, but ready to bring your knowledge and skills throughout Local and International scale. Products exam. : Curcuma Plus, Diapet, Laxing, Fitkom, etcs.
Advertised: 06-01-11 | Closing Date: 05-02-11
Administration Staff
(Jakarta Raya - Kawasan Industri Pulogadung)

PerempuanUsia max. 28 thLulusan min. D3 semua jurusanBersedia lemburMampu bertahan dalam tekanan kerjaLokasi : kawasan industri pulogadungmenguasai MS OfficeBE BOLD FOR YOUR FUTURE WITH US!

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